Toned in 20! Day 7!!

Day 7!! If you've missed a few workouts don't give up, there's still time!  


Make the decision to go for it! 

Todays workout:

1. High knees :45 

2. 3-point thrusters- first example is slow, then pick up pace- don't let your back sag when at plank position! :45

3. Bird-dogs (2 levels of difficulty demonstrated)  x15 ea side - keep that pelvic tilt- no arching the back

4. Dead bugs x20 ea side- keep the low back pressed firmly into the floor.

5. Wall sit-  3 levels of difficulty shown

6. Skaters- if this bothers anyone's knees, look at curtsies from day 1 and don't go too deep. You want to make sure you are keeping your weight in the front heel when you touch the ground. :45

7. Storks x15 ea

8. Dips- 2 levels of difficulty shown x15


add a third set today if you're feeling good!!