Toned in 20! Day 6!!

Hey guys! 

Super proud of everyone that has participated so far!

Hang in there, keep those summer goals in mind!

Today's workout: 

1. Sumo squat jumps x20

2. Split squat jumps x15 ea- make sure you keep your weight in your heel when you go down into the split squat!

3. High plank hip extensions -> push-up (x10 pushups)- make sure your hands are directly under your shoulders, not out in front- maintain pelvic tilt!


4&5. Low plank w/ one elbow and one hand with elbow at 90 degrees (L&R :30 hold ea)- press into the ground with your palm- you'll really feel your triceps, shoulders, and chest working, keep your pelvic tilit! 


6. Sit-up alt. toe touches  x20 ea, make sure you don't arch your back at the bottom! 

7.  Bicycles- x 20 ea, flat low back

8. Bent knee Ab wipers x20 ea way, flat low back! 

x2 :)