Stay Youthful Inside and Out: 5 Easy Steps


Sleeping the proper amount of time per night can have a number of benefits which can be seen and felt. During sleep your body will release HGH, man's other best bud. Contrary to popular belief, HGH will not make you a behemoth. The Human-Growth Hormone refers to cell regeneration. Every night you release less and less HGH, so it is easy to understand why poor sleeping patterns, and thus poor HGH release patterns will decrease your body's ability to regenerate cells. Getting 8-10 hours of deep sleep will allow ample time for your body to recover from hard workouts and have you feeling and looking brand new in the morning. 


Keep the skin tight and supple with a lineup of your favorite moisturizing products. Starting out I suggest a toning spray to tighten the pores, then a moisturizer with SPF and an eye cream. There are tons of male beauty products so a good way to try out which work best for you instead of breaking the bank on a bunch of products that may irritate or cause inflammation is to ask for samples at your local Sephora or Ulta. You can also try a subscription service like BirchBox to get new sample size products every month.

TIP: Don't forget the back of your hands when applying SPF


LSD refers to Long Slow Distance. These easy bouts of cardio are great for stimulating Internal Ventricular Hypertrophy, which is basically a fancy way of saying the heart grows, allowing it to pump more blood per beat. Other benefits include an increase in blood vessels and bronchioles. These changes make blood circulation and oxygen delivery throughout the body much more efficient. Blood delivery to different organs of the body means nourishment to allow proper function and/or healing to all areas of the body. 


Similar to sleep giving the whole body a rest, a cleanse will allow your digestive system a break. A cleanse will allow the cells of your to relax and reset. The chemistry of the Gastrointestinal system will be allowed reach a state of peak performance. You will be metabolizing food quickly and efficiently while restoring your livers glycogen stores to its optimal state.


You don't need to join a CrossFit box or even start lifting 5 days a week. Just 3 days of full body resistance workouts per week will keep your testosterone up and your connective tissues strong. I mix up my resistance training from dynamic movements like kettlebell and rotational workouts, to heavy days like deadlifts and squats, and a dumbbell workout that stresses balance, core stability, and bilateral coordination. Be sure to include the entire body if you are only doing 3 days/week. The more muscles you recruit the better.