Toned in 20 day 15!

5 more days guys!!

AMAZING JOB to everyone that has been keeping up, and even if you haven't, finish all 20 workouts and you'll still be getting #toned, and can still win a prize!  Just tag us when you complete workout 20 :)

Todays workout:

1. high knees :45

2. walk out push-ups x15

3. elbow plank 1:00

4&5. plank with 90 degree elbow, right and left :30 ea

6&7. bird dogs x15 ea

8. sumo squats x20

9&10. glut pulses right and left x30 ea


Toned in 20 day 13!!

Hey guys! Today is super upper body and core focused!

1.  Plank walk ups (modified version also shown) x10 starting on ea side- keep your hips from rotating and think pelvic tilt!

2. Tricep push-ups (modified version also shown)- don't let your back sag- pelvic tilt! x15

3. Bridge back scratchers x20 ea side

4. Scissors- flat low back! x20 ea

5. Ab flutters- flat low back! x15 ea

*for 4 and 5, if your low back feels strained, bend your knees! 

x3 :)