We offer 1:1 training programs that are tailored specific to the needs of the athlete. Coach Josh has worked with athletes of all ages and has improved the competitive ability of each of his athletes. Coach Josh will always put your improvement and health at the forefront by giving well-structured training programs, nutritional advice, and injury prevention exercises for homework. Increase your swing speed, power, explosiveness, and neuromuscular awareness with your own Sport-Specific Program.

Speed, Power, Quickness

The team of coaches at Glide Performance created their Speed, Power, Quickness (SPQ) program to improve on-field ability and neuromuscular response of athletes in a group setting. Glide offers 4 and 6 week programs to teams and/or groups to create a setting of competitive support. Athletes are pushed physically and educated on the movement patterns and training program to ensure maximum results. Check our schedule to join a quarterly program that suits you, or schedule a private program for your team here!

Endurance Training

Don't use a generic, "one size fits all" marathon, half, or 5k training program. Allow Coach Josh to create a program that suits you. Whether your a high school track athlete looking to get a college scholarship or a weekend warrior looking to improve you half- marathon PR, Glide Performance will take you there. Check out our Race Training Programs!

Running Economy ASSESSMENT

Everyone can run, but not everyone runs well. One of the easiest ways to improve your time or reduce risk of injury is to improve your running gait. Allow Glide to video your form, make adjustments, and coach you into a smooth, efficient, running machine. Each R.E.A. will come with a slow-motion video, corrective exercises, and a follow-up assessment after 4 weeks.  Start running properly now!