5 Tips for Avoiding Summer Weight Gain

It is common practice to get in shape for the summer season full of skin-baring events like pool parties and beach bonfires. But many people forget to practice many of those same habits that helped them get ready for the summer and end up gaining back all weight they lost.  Here are 5 tips for keeping the weight off during your busy summer.

1. Maximize your time with Max Effort

Fitting workouts into our busy social schedules can be difficult. One of the best ways to get the most out of your workouts is to perform maximum effort sets. Whether that be 3-rep-max sets of barbell squats, doing push ups, hill sprints or even running a 5k; max effort sets will burn calories and keep the metabolism elevated. Also, the typical workout shouldn't last much more than thirty minutes. I like to do a mixed maximal circuit at least once a week. I also lead a hill and speed work class on Thursday evenings that not only has me and my clients gasping for air, but my glutes, hamstrings, and hip flexors are firing by the end of the 30 minute workout.

2. Exercise for Fun

This is one of the most common ways we see people kill two birds. Don't just go out to the beach and lay around to get your tan. Get outside and play a bit. Go for a hike, play volleyball, just work up a sweat in one way or another. Running along the beach is great for building up running power, but it also strengthens the muscles that support your knees and arches of your feet, which can take a beating at music festivals, fairs, and all-day events.

3. Don't avoid the BBQ, avoid anything squishy

Lisa Saunders, head of our nutrition program, tells us that eating at the barbecue is quite simple. She says, "avoid anything squishy, or that becomes squishy or expands when placed in water." This means potatoes and pastas, breads, chips, crackers, and corn. So feel free to have a cheeseburger, just wrap it in lettuce. 

4. Make exercise a priority

Don't just plan to workout, make appointments with yourself to workout. Whether that means blocking off available time from clients to meet with you or skipping lunch and/or happy hour with co-workers, creating a schedule with a reminder in your phone, tablet, or computer just like you would with a work appointment immediately creates a sense of importance. We wouldn't cancel an appointment with a business relationship, so don't cancel an appointment with the gym. Hiring a personal trainer or joining a bootcamp workout group is a great way to prioritize fitness. 

5.  Hydrating, as important as eating

Many times thirst is confused for hunger, so we typically crave and fill our stomach up with carbs that hold onto water. By staying hydrated with basic water, electrolyte drinks, and water filled fruits and veggies, we can avoid over eating, dizzy spells due to dehydration, as well as muscle and stomach cramps when enjoying our outdoor activities. Pro-tip; to make your own electrolyte water, infuse with cucumber, calcium-magnesium powder, and a slice of lemon or grapefruit. Also, pickles are packed full of sodium and potassium, 2 highly important electrolytes for muscle contraction, which is why they are my favorite post-run snack. Check out My Favorite Post-run Snacks, Drinks, and Meals for more great ideas.