Toned in 20 day 11!

Hey guys! Happy Saturday!

Today's workout :45 on/:15 rest

1. jumping jacks- fast, core tight, keep your shoulders down and bak, don't let them creep up to your neck

2&3. plank cross unders- tight core, keep back nice and flat, don't let your back arch or your butt come up!

4. high knees- fast, tight core, powerful arms- your arm movement= leg movement

5. walking push-ups- modified version available, alternating between a narrow tricep push-up and side standard push-up

6&7. low to high chops left and right- powerful rotation, weight in your heel on the split squat, both feet pointed straight ahead

8. squat jumps- remember as you squat, weight in your heels, tight core

9. plank knee taps: keep the butt tucked and low abs tight- maintain your pelvic tilt the whole time!

10. alternating swimmers: really focus on elongating from opposite arm and leg rather than extending up from your low back

x2, x3 if you are feeling great!