Our small-group training is the most personalized of it’s kind. We keep our class sizes small, ranging from 4-8 person maximum attendance so we can provide a personal training experience. While each class type has a style or template, we program each class to cater the members who are attending to meet their goals while taking into consideration limitations due to injury, age, or ability. We want each and everyone of our members to feel as though we wrote the workout for them individually while also creating a social and motivating ambience.



F.A.F. is a high intensity guided-instruction workout meant to burn calories, push your mental limits, and increase fast twitch muscle endurance. Classes run in a circuit format and last anywhere from 40-60 minutes, and include a motivational and form coach.



Our STRENGTH class is a weight-lifting class that uses dumbbells and barbells. Members focus on building lean muscle by performing multi-joint exercises at low reps with high resistance. Trainers stress a high attention on form and progressive overload for the best gains possible with a lower risk of connective tissue injury.



Work every muscle using your own body as the resistance. This suspension training class will focus on building strength, core-stability, and muscular endurance. The ease of increasing/decreasing the difficulty of each exercise makes this class suitable for all levels of fitness.



   Bri Marie Yoga

Energy Building Vinyasa Flow:

Start your weekend off flowing with energy and building positive vibes for the weekend ahead of you. This all levels vinyasa class will build strength and stability into your yoga flow by offering multiple variations to poses for the level you are at. Integrating breath with movement will create energy building in the body while quieting the mind to an almost meditative state.

Gentle Rejuvenating Flow:

An all levels class that focuses on putting the mind at ease through a slow paced relaxing flow. Incorporating yin and restorative style practices to refresh the body mid week, leaving you clear minded and motivated for the rest of the week.



A mix of rotational, dynamic, and metabolic exercises that will burn belly fat and sculpt your mid-section. Defined abs don’t come easy. Our recipe is a mix of high intensity cardio exercises and core exercises that hit every abdominal muscle in one 45 minute workout!