Toned in 20! Day 2

Hey guys!! 

Awesome job to everyone that completed day 1!! 

Below is todays workout: we are following the same structure today, :45 on with :15 between exercises, two times through.

Tomorrow I will be uploading a live video doing the workout with you guys!  Sorry for the late post today, my flight back from the Isagenix conference in New Jersey was delayed!  Going forward all workouts will be posted by 8am :) 

DAY 2:


1&2: Reverse lunge to kick (right and then left): make sure you are keeping your weight on the front foot heel on the lunge, we want to target that booty and avoid knee injuries!

3. Side to side lunges: again, make sure you're keeping your weight on your heels, imagine you are sitting back in an imaginary chair!

4&5. Curtsies (right and then left):  again, you guessed it, weight in your front foot heel!  The first portion of this video is the basic curtsy, the second portion adds a hop for increased difficulty!

6&7. Storks (right and then left):  think about elongating your body rather than trying to lift toward the ceiling!  Keep your core tight, back flat, and weight in your heel!  Your upper body and your back leg work as counter balances, so think see-saw, they move together!

8&9. Windmills (right and then left): when your right arm is in the air, your right leg stays totally straight and your left foot is turned out!  Look up at your hand throughout the entire exercise, and focus on pushing your hips forward and squeezing your gluts at the top!

10. Corkscrews:  keep your low back pressed firmly to the ground, you can put your arms overhead and hold onto something stable.  Alternate twisting right and left for this workout.

Have fun, and remember, listen to your body!  If anything feels like it is hurting, don't go as deep into movements.  

Feel free to message me with any questions/concerns!! 

You're one step closer to that bangin' summer bod!