Toned in 20 day 4!

Hey guys! Here's today's workout!  

Congrats to everyone who did yesterday's, I know it was a toughie! 


:45 on/:15 off x2

1. Side bends- elbows as straight as possible, pelvic tilt! Don't let your back arch!

2. Squats with arm raises- weight in your heels, core tight! Squeeze your gluts together at the top!

3. Jumping Jacks

4. 90 degree squat jumps- leave out the jump if your knees are bothering you! 

5. Push-ups (standard and modified examples provided)- make sure to maintain pelvic tilt! 

6. High plank knee to elbows- slow controlled movements to target your obliques!

7. Elbow plank hold- squeeze your gluts and maintain your pelvic tilt! Keep your shoulders directly over your elbows


8. Russian Twists - if your back feels strained, perform with your feet on the ground! The farther back you lean, the more challenging this exercise is.

Have fun :)